Jane Russian Air Hostess escorts call girl in Delhi

Personal Profile

Age28 Yrs.
Height5.6 Ft
Weight57 Kg
Bust Size32
Hip Size34
Hair ColorBrown
LanguageRussian, English
Phone number+919990223143   (Call, sms, WhatsApp)


69 Position
Blowjob Without Condom
Cum in Mouth
Cum on Body
Group Sex
Sex in All Positions (with Condom)


30 Minute 15,000
1 hour 30,000
2 hour 45,000
6 hour Not available
12 hour Not available
24 hour Not available


30 Minute Not available
1 hour 15,000
2 hour 30,000
6 hour 45,000
12 hour Not available
24 hour Not available

About Me

Hi I am Jane Russian escorts call girl in Delhi. I wish to work autonomously not cooperated with any escort organization, so I didn’t endeavor to communicate any escort workplaces or pariah characters or an administrator. I think it is terrible to work for Delhi escort office because I want to join various assortments of social classes for my administrations which I hate and reach out to all kind of crude people.

I have a couple of thoughts regarding my darlings or clients and my escorts’ administrations; they should be top class celebrity social classes with excessive way of life. This is the base need to transform into my close by playmate or a client. The photos that I have shown here in site are valid photography of mine in site.

Mercifully don’t misjudge that I am endeavoring to give wrong information about my character yet I have as of late clouded my face for the sake of security. I did it to keep my singular security, if I put my actual clear face pictures it will be flowed in person to person communication destinations and a few people will use it with pessimistic suggestions.

Clearly these activities will break my future and my business. Anyway I will bestow my certified face pictures if I convinced that you are a true blue client and from even more fundamentally from a culture.


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